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In 1291 AD King Mengrai travelled with his troops to invade Hariphunchai and occupied that later for 2 years before he entitled Aifah, his councilor to remain his power. He then traveled eastward and built up a city on the Ping River called "Wiang Gumgam" ; now is in Saraphee District, Chiang Mai. 3 years later he traveled up north and settled at the prime location in the area called "Doi Oichang" or "Doi Suthep" at present. He prefered to set his palace in that place which now became Wat Chiang Mun at present. He invited King Ram Khamheang from Sukhothai Kingdom and King Ngam Mueng from Payao, his good friends to help him to create the new city. After searching through the area on the Ping River with the Suthep Mountain nearby was the best.

King Mengrai conducted the square moat of 800 by 1,000 metres around the new city. Inside, he built up his palace, Wat Chiang Mun and some Buddhist temples to survive the religion. The city was then in 1296AD named as "Nopburi Sri Nakornping Chiang Mai".

Chiang Mai Attractions

  • Long neck or Pa-dong

             Karen Long neck or Pa-dong originathed from Kra-Ya-State in Burma. They’ve moved and sattled in Thailand along the border between Thai and Burma. They immigrate from Burma’cause there’re many problems in their country. The government...
  • Elephant

             There’re 2 kinds of elephant in the world. African Elephant and Asian Elephant. The African Elephant are bigger and more cruel than Asian Elephant. The African Elephants. • Small head, big ears. • Taller than the asian elephant. ...
  • The City Walls and The City Gates

    The remained evidence of its old time history are walls and gates gracefully atand between Doi Suthep , the natural monument and landmark and the Ping River.  In 1296AD., the troop of 50,000 strong men of King Mengrai had dug the moat around 4 sides of the city. They also made the hil...
  • The Chedi Kew

    Long ago when Chiang Mai was not included in the Kingdom of Siam, the cities or dynasties always express their power by going into the battle where many times not intended to occupy the defeated but just power display. This caused death and sorrow. To mark the victory later the conqueror normally...
  • Three Kings Monment

    This is the only occasion when three kings together created a city where the people live gratefully , but happily and peacefully. Phra Kru Sri Dhamma Kun ( Kamol Chotimonto) , the former abbot of Wat San Pa khoi in1969AD , joined by Buddha Association , Junior Buddhist Association and other sections...
  • Chiang mai The Capital Of Lanna , The rose of the North region

    From Kok River , Chiang Rai, in 1291 AD King Mengrai travelled with his troops to invade Hariphunchai and occupied that later for 2 years before he entitled Aifah, his councilor to remain his power. He then traveled eastward and built up a city on the Ping River called “Wiang Gumgam” ...
  • Wat Chaing Mun

    It is located at the north – eastern corner of Chiang Mai city. It is the oldest temple in Chiang Mai dated from 1297.  It was built by King Mengrai who dedicated to turn the old palace ground into Wat.  Two sacred Buddha Images are kept in the small building to the ...
  • Wat Pho Tharam Maha Viharn or Wat Jed Yod ( Seven Spires Temple)

    Chiang Mai people called Wat Jed Yod. It is located along the superhighway about 1 km. from the junction of Rincome and Huay kaeo Rd. In 1455 – 1456AD King Tilokaraj ordered the construction of the Wat and planted a Bodhi tree which came from the Bodhi tree which the Lord Buddha achieved th...
  • Wat Chedi Lauang or The Grand Pagoda Temple

    Located in the middle of the old city on Pra pokklao Rd. It was built in 14th century by King Saen Muang Ma, the 9th king from Mengrai dynasty. At that time, the chedi was small. After the dead of King Saen Mueng ma, his son ,King Sam Fung Kan had finished it in 1438AD. The pagoda was 86 m...
  • Wat Suan Dork or Royal garden Temple

    This wat ‘s also one from five royal temple in Chiang Mai and it’s also known as “ Mahajulalongkorn Rachavittayalai University” ( The university for the monk ).Located on Suthep Rd. near by Chiang Mai University Campus.  King Kue Na, the 6th King in Mengrai Dyn...
  • Wat Phathat Doi Suthep

    You may have heard the sentence from someone who’d visited Chiang Mai  said “ If you have a chance to visit Chiang mai ,but you ‘ve never had  a chance to visit Doi Suthep Temple. You’re not in Chiang Mai. “  It’s a bit funny ,but it’s always ...
  • Wat Phrasingha

    Wat phrasingha or Phrasingha Temple is located on the west site of Chiang mai old city wall. This temple is one of the royal temple in Chiang Mai , was established by King Payu , the 5th king of Mengrai Dynasty in 1345. Around  the 14th century, prince Mahaprom ‘d brought “ Pra B...
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