Chiang mai The Capital Of Lanna , The rose of the North region

Chiang mai The Capital Of Lanna , The rose  of  the North region


From Kok River , Chiang Rai, in 1291 AD King Mengrai travelled with his troops to invade Hariphunchai and occupied that later for 2 years before he entitled Aifah, his councilor to remain his power. He then traveled eastward and built up a city on the Ping River called “Wiang Gumgam” ; now is in Saraphee District , Chiang Mai. 3 years later he traveled up north and settled at the prime location in the area called “ Doi Oichang” or “ Doi Suthep” at present. He prefered to set his palace in that place which now became Wat Chiang Mun at present. He invited King Ram Khamheang from Sukhothai Kingdom and King Ngam Mueng from Payao, his good friends to help him to create the new city. After searching through the area on the Ping River with the Suthep Mountain nearby was the best.

 King Mengrai conducted the square moat of 800 by 1,000 metres around the new city. Inside, he built up his palace , Wat Chiang Mun and some Buddhist temples to survive the religion. The city was then in 1296AD named as “ Nopburi Sri Nakornping Chiang Mai”.

 King Mengrai gathered and united various small cities around as a new dynasty called “ Lanna” and maintained himself as the First King of the dynasty. There were 17 kings after him.

 In about 1557, King Burengnong of Hongsavadi , Burma who named as the “ All the Ways Conqueror” , had invaded Chiang Mai and occupied it until 1596 defeated by King Naresuan the Great of Ayudhaya. As the fertile and natural location , Chiang Mai became the shuttle between Ayudhaya and Burma, excepts being independent occasionally through the Taksin Dynasty and the early of Rattanakosin Dynasty.

 Chiang Mai attracted the powers from sources , though it has been existed over 700 years up to now. Under the govern of the last crowned head of Lanna. Price Keaw Nawarat who was on from 1910 – 1939AD , Chiang mai still remains as the beautiful and peaceful city ever since.

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