Long neck or Pa-dong

Long neck or Pa-dong

         Karen Long neck or Pa-dong originathed from Kra-Ya-State in Burma. They’ve moved and sattled in Thailand along the border between Thai and Burma. They immigrate from Burma’cause there’re many problems in their country. The government look after only in the main city but left the people behind. They also fight between cach other. So some of them started to immigrate.

          Normally when we want to see the long neck people. We have to go to Mae Hong Sorn, one of the province that closes to Burma, but the transportation is hard to reach into the area. We’ve 2 different routes to go : 5 hours drive or 7 hours drive, or get their by plane. Now some of them sattle in Chiang Mai area. 

          According to their legend, the lady had the discussion with their god and the god sent the tiger to kill them. As you can see , when the tiger attack, they break on the meck. So the rings used to protect their lives from the tiger’s teeth. But the reson for now is to be the most beautiful lady in the village if she has more rings. 

          The process will start when the girl’s 5 years old. By heating the bross coil in the fire to make it easy to bend around the neck, let it warm and start to bend around. Every 3 years, they will change a new one and make it a little longer to support part of the stressing neck. Until they are 30-35 , they will stop adding more rings. You can see the longest with 25 rings, that makes very long. The Long neck are very friendly, some of them can speak English because they come from Burma and Burma used to be colony of England. They also have their own dialect language to speak in the group.

Date: 2012-10-16 19:45:06

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