Chiang Rai + White Temple + Blue Temple + Golden Triangle + Hilltribes + Long Neck Village.

Chiang Rai + White Temple + Blue Temple + Golden Triangle + Hilltribes + Long Neck Village.

Chiang Rai + White Temple + Blue Temple + Golden Triangle + Hilltribes + Long Neck Village.

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Chiang Rai one day + Hot Spring + White temple + Blue temple + Golden Triangle + Hill tribes Village + Long Neck Village.

Highlights of The Trip.

              Visit the Northern most point of Thailand and the glittering temple "Rong Khoon" as well as the "Blue temple". The famous site of the Golden triangle, the famous land of the opium trade in the old days. See the view point of Khun Nam Nang Non or Doi Nang Non the slepping lady mountain where the big news of the suvivors of the 13 boys from the Thai youth football team were recued. Hilltribesvisit in Yao and Akha village and the lady long neck with the incredible length of the necks.

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Chiang Rai 1 day and Long neck village. 

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             Depart from Chiang Mai Early in the morning, go along the road no.118. See the beautiful scenic of the rice fields beside the road and start the drive into the mountainous area. Before reaching Chiang Rai City make a stop at the hot spring, see the natural hot spring and stress your legs before continue the road again.

             Soon before Chiang Rai City, stop at Rong Khoon ” or “White Temple ” which stand glittering against the sun. You’ll amaze with the beautiful Thai and temporary art by Mr.Chalermchai Kositpipat, one of the greatest artist in Thailand who wanted to present the art which can relate to the Buddhist in his own idea. Not only the magnificent view from outside, but also inside the main building where you can see the beautiful painting on the walls which he wanted to present what he has seen in his lifetime which you’ll be amazed. Take a walk around the temple area for photos. If you wish to have a painting for a souvenir, Please contact at the souvenir of the temple. After that visit to "Blue temple" with the fuses modern art Buddhism.

             Continue on road again to the Golden Triangle where the three countries meet. See Thailand, Laos and Myanmar which divide by the two rivers : Ruak River ( For Thailand and Myanmar) and Mae Khong River in between Myanmar – Laos and Thailand – Laos. Lunch in the local restaurant then heading to the visit ot the hilltribe villages. On the way, we  could see Khun Nam Nang Non or Doi Nang Non , the slepping lady mountain where the big news of the survivors of the 13 boys from the Thai youth football team were rescued from the main street.Then visit the hilltribes people called “ Yao” who came from Yuan Nan from southern part of China with the nice decorated red scarves on the original costumes and the colerful embroidery pants. Visit to the “ Akha ” who came from Tibet and Myanmar with the silver hats on the ladies head. On the trip you are going to visit the Long Neck Tribe who immigrated from Khaya State of Myanmar with the brass rings decorated around the ladies' neck as well as their legs to present as the most beautiful ladies in the village. Then heading back to Chiang Mai with safe and sound. 


7.00 am.  Pick up from your hotel in Chiang Mai city.

8.30 am.  Arrive at Chiang Rai Hot Spring.

9.00 am.  Leaving the hot spring to the White Temple.

10.30 am.  Arrive at White temple for you to see the unique temple which present in white color and visit Blue temple.

11.30 am.  Heading to the Golden Triangle where the 3 countries meet. See the big Buddha image at the Golden Triangle Here you could decide to go on the boat trip on Mae Khong River to Laos ( 1 hr for this trip. It is optional tour. Pay on spot.)

12.00 am. Lunch in the local restaurant.

1.30 pm.  Leaing the restaurant and continue the trip to the hilltribes village of Yao and Akha

2.40 pm.  On the way to the hilltribes village, you could see the view point " Khun Nam Nang Norn " or " Doi Nang Norn " the slepping lady mountain 

3.30 pm.  Arrive in the hilltribes village of Yao and Akha tribes as well as the Long Neck village.

4.30 pm.  Leaving the hilltribes and continue the trip back to Chiang Mai. 

8.00 pm. More or less depending on the traffic, arrive in Chiang Mai with safe and sound.

_________________________________End of Service________________________________________

The price             :  3,800 THB/person  (Private tour only. Minimum 2 persons.)

Pick up  time      :   7:00 am. from the hotel lobby.

Tour duration     :   Daily from 07:00 am.- 08:00 pm.

Type of the trip  :   Private tour only. ( Minimum 2 persons to start the trip)

Service provided by  : Chiang Mai Tour Center only.

Tour includes. 
- All entrance fee as mentioned in the program.
- Long neck Village.
- Private Transportation. (Toyota van commuter with a/c or similar )
- Lunch.
- Drinking water and Refreshing towels.
- An English speaking guide.
- Free Accident Insurance. (Names, Nationalities, Passport numbers are needed.)

Tour does not include.
- Tipping.
- Boat ride on Mea Khong River.
- Entrance fee for crossing into Tha Kheelek in Myanmar.
- Other expenses on the trip.
- Optional tours which not mentioned in the plan.
- All airline tickets.
- Hotel accommodations.
- Shopping for souvenir.

What should you bring on the trip? 
- A Camera.
- Sun Glasses.
- Sun lotion.
- Insect spray.

What will you see on this trip?
1. You will visit the hot spring at Mae Khachan Village.
2. You will see the most famous White temple and Blue temple with beautiful white glittering in the sun light and the contemporary art on the mural painting inside the mall hall.
3. You will see the Golden triangle where the 3 countries meet.
4. You will visit the Hill tribes people called " Yao " from China and " Akha " from Tibet.
5. You will visit the Long Neck Tribe with the Brass rings decorated on the ladies' necks.

Weather  tips!

November - February.
                   During the winter in Thailand, the temperature is between 5 - 12 degrees Celsius / 41 - 54 degrees Fahrenheit. You should come prepared with appropriate clothing. This is the best time for traveling in Thailand, due to the nice and cool weather. The landscape is covered with blooming flowers and lush vegetation which makes the bio diversity of birds and wildlife plentiful.

March - May.
                  This is summer time, the temperature is between 28 - 33 degree Celsius / 82 - 91 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest time of the year is April, when temperatures can reach as high as 43 degree Celsius / 109 degrees Fahrenheit. Bring something light and thin to wear. Hat , sun glasses and sunscreen is recommended.

June - October.
                  This is the rainy season, the temperature is between 18 - 25 degree Celsius / 64 -77 degrees Fahrenheit. An umbrella or rain coat are recommended. Flip flops or thongs are the best shoes to wear during these months.

Why should you select Chiang Mai Tour Center as your service provider?
1. Our staff works with responsibility from their hearts. They are punctual, sincere, friendly and fun.
2. We have been serving tourists for the past twenty years with utmost dedication.
3. We treat you as our family member with love and care.
4. We have child friendly staff members working in our company.
5. Our pricing is reasonable and provides good value for your cost.
6. We are spontaneous and flexible in our programming.
7. We are promt in attending to the needs of our clients.


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