5 Days 4 Nights Amazing Chiang Mai + Golden Triangle + Pai + Chiang Mai Tours.

5 Days 4 Nights Amazing Chiang Mai + Golden Triangle + Pai + Chiang Mai Tours.

5 Days 4 Nights Amazing Chiang Mai + Golden Triangle + Pai + Chiang Mai Tours.

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5 Days 4 Nights Amazing Chiang Mai + Golden Triangle + Pai + Chiang Mai Tours

Highlights of the trip.

                   Visit the most famous elephant camp Mae sa + see stunning orchids and butterfly farm + Witness the white temple as the only temple in Thailand which present in white color + See the opposite side of " Balck Museum " in the idea of Yin and Yang the balancing + Golden triangle, the land of the opium trade in the old days + Enjoy the boat ride in Mae Khong Giantic river + See the longest neck length of the Long Neck tribe + Visit Angkhang, one of the border of Thailanfd and Mynamar + See Chiang Dao Cave + Visit Pai, small town in Mae HongSorn + see the temples in Burmese and Thai design + Enjoy the natural geysey and lovely waterfall.

Day 1 Chiang Mai + Mae Sa Elephant Camp + Orchids and Butterfly farm + Lunch + Mae Khachan Hot Spring + White Temple + Chiang Rai.
                   Pick up from the hotel at 8:30 am to Mae Sa Elephant Camp, the most famous camp in Chiang Mai. After the arrival, saying hello to the elephants and feeding them with the bananas and sugar canes as well as take a closer photos with them. Late in the morning, see the elephants bathing in the stream to refresh themselves and get ready for the demonstration. During the show time, see the elephant boys or the mahouts using their skills to command the elephants. During the show you will see the elephant live band music, elephants playing football and the most interesting painting by the elephants. In this camp, 8 elephants in this camp have the names in the Guinness Book World Records that they had painted the painting on canvas with 12 meters long in width and half of the paint was sold as the most expensive painting ever painted by the elephants at 1.5 millions baht. You still can see the other half in the gallery in the elephant area. As well you can see the prove yourself. After the elephant demonstration, enjoy an hour elephant riding into the forest area around the camp. Then heading to the orchids and butterfly farm and enjoy having lunch in the local restaurant before continuing the road to Chiang Rai province. And stop will be made at Mae Khachan Hot spring. See the natural hot spring that the locals use in their the daily life. Enjoy resting your feet in the pond for the good blood circulation and relief the joint pain.
                    Then heading to “ White temple ”, the most beautiful in contemporary art which represent in white color to show the pure spirit by Mr.Chalermchai Kositpipat, One of the great artist of Thailand. All the building decorated by the flame design which Thai people called “ Kranok”. It’s one of the Thai standard drawing pattern. Glittering in the sun light and challenge you to take photos. See the hall of flam of “ Mr.Chalermchai Kositpipat” with the master piece of his art works. After that continue to the hotel Chiang Rai city and checking on. Overnight in Chiang Rai.
Overnight at Chiang Rai : La Luna resort. Chiang Rai.
Meal  : -- / Lunch / --

Day 2  Black Museum + Golden Triangle + Boat Trip on Mae Khong River to Laos + Lunch + Mae Sai (Thailand + Myanmar border) + Long Neck Hill tribes + Thaton.
                 Check out from the hotel in Chiang Rai and heading to Black Museum, one of the unseen in Chiang Rai area. The museum by Mr.Tawan Datchanee who is one of the great artist of Thailand. See his massive collections and the building represent in black color as Yin and Yang. After the Black Museum, heading Golden Triangle where once it used to be the opium trade area. See the view of the 3 countries ( Thailand + Laos + Myanmar) meet. Here’s the opportunity to board on the boat on Mae Khong River to Laos. After the boat ride, having lunch in the local restaurant and visit Mae Sai, the northern most point of Thailand with the border to Myanmar. This area see the Thai, Chinese and Burmese crossing the border for selling and buying the stuffs. From Mae Sai, the border of Thailand and Myanmar, visit the Long neck Hill tribe Village. See the incredible length of the neck of the ladies ‘s necks to be the most beautiful lady in the village. Then heading back to Chiang Mai area via Thaton and spend overnight.
Overnight at Thaton Mae Kok River Village Or Equivalent.
Meal  : Breakfast / Lunch / --

Day 3  Angkhang Nature Park + Hill tribe village at Khob Dong + Chiang Dao Cave + Lunch + Pai.

                 Check out from the hotel to the King’s Royal project, See the flower gardens, the winter fruit and vegetables plantations which the Thailand’s King has a strong willing to stop the hill tribes lives from the opium cultivation and saving the forest area. After the King’s Royal Project, visit Lahu hill tribes village who live along the border between Thailand and Myanmar. Then heading to Chiang Dao cave, see the cave where once the Burmese used as the place for the soldier troops rested before attacked Chiang Mai City during mid of 1500s. Now the temple become the temple and the meditation place for someone who need to do the meditation and clean their mind. See the stalacmite and stalactite in the cave in different shapes and forms. Lunch in the local restaurant before heading to Pai area and overnight in Pai.
Overnight at Pai : The Quarter Hotel, Pai.
Meal  : Breakfast / Lunch / --

Day 4  Nam Hoo Temple + Chianese community " Santichol" + Lod Cave ( sitting on the bamboo rafting through the cave with the lantern while seeing the fish swim beneath the raft ) + Mae Yen Temple .

                Wake up in the morning and having breakfast then visit Nam Hoo Temple. The monasty with the Buddha Image which always has water from inside his head. Visit the Chinese community called Santichol Village, see the Chinese influence and the way of life of the people. After that visit Lod Cave ” the cave with 3 different chambers : Pillars cave, Dolls cave and coffin cave. Get inside the cave by sitting on the bamboo rafting through the cave with the lantern while seeing the fish swim beneath the raft. You can feed them as well. Have a walk through each cave before coming out and having lunch in the local restaurant. Late afternoon, visit Mae Yan Temple where you can see the panoramic view of Pai town and the beautiful sunset before returning back to the hotel and spend one more night in Pai.
Overnight at Pai : The Quarter Hotel, Pai.
Meal  : Breakfast / Lunch / --

Day 5  Pong Dued Geysey + Mork Fah Waterfall + Transfer to the Tiger Kingdom + Chiaing Mai.

                Check out from the hotel in Pai and leaving for Pong Dued Geysey. See the natural hot spring in the area of the hot spring. Walk along the path to see the beautiful nature around the hot spring and here you can enjoy swimming in the outdoor swimming pool. After relaxing in the warm outdoor swimming pool in the hot spring area. It’s time to go to Mork Fah Waterfall. Enjoy the fresh cool water spray and swimming in the waterfall in the big hug of the green valley in the mountain area before driving back to Chiang Mai.
 ** Remark**  If you wish to play with the tigers you can pay the entrance fee tickets by yourself. Due to the prices are varies depending on the sizes of the tigers. The guide and the driver're going to wait for you. **

Overnight at Chiang Mai :   -------------
Meal  : Breakfast / Lunch / --

________________________________End of Service____________________________________

The price                  : 23,800 THB/person  (Private tour only. Minimum 2 persons.)

Pick up time            : 8.30 am. At your hotel lobby.

Time duration         : 5 Days 4 nights

Type of the trip       :  Private tour only. Minimum 2 persons.

Service provided by   : Chiang Mai Tour Center only.

Tour include.
- Transportation.
- English speaking guide.
- Drinking water and refreshing towel.
- Mae Sa elephant camp entrance fee.
- Elephant show, elephant riding 1hr
- Orchids and butterfly farm.
- Mae Khachan Hot spring.
- White Temple.
- Black Museum.
- Golden Triangle.
- Boat ride to Laos.
- Mae Sai, Thailand and Myanmar Border.
- Long Neck Village entrance fee.
- Ang khang National park entrance fee.
- The King's Royal Project
- Lahu hill tribe at Khob Dong Village
- Chiang Dao Cave
- Pai 
- Nam Hoo Temple
- Chinese Community " Santichol
- Lod Cave
- Bamboo rafting and the lantern into Lod Cave.
- Mae Yen temple.
- Pong Dued Geysey.
- Mork Fah Waterfall.
- 5 Lunch.
- Hotel Accommodation in Chiang Rai on Day  1, In Thaton on Day 2, In Pai on Day 3 and day 4 ( Total 4 nights)
- Accident Insurance

Tour does not included.
- Airline ticket.
- Hotel accommodation in Chiang Mai.
- Other optinonal tour that not mentioned in the program.
- Your own expenses during the trip.
- Tipping.
- Dinner.

What will you get from this program?
- You will visit the most famous elephant camp in Chiang Mai.
- You will see the elephant show with the perfect skill of painting you have ever seen before.
- You will enjoy elephant riding in the forest area for an hour.
- You will visit the orchids and butterfly farm which blooming all year round.
- You will visit Mae Khachan natural hot spring.
- You will visit Rong Khoon Temple or White temple to ses the most beautiful temple in white color.
- You will visit Black Museum as the idea of Yin and Yang with many collections of the artist.
- You will visit the Golden Triangle where once it' used to be the most famous  opium trade area.
- You will enjoy the boat trip on Mae Khong River to Laos.
- You will see the border between Thailand and Myanmar called "Tha Chilek."
- You will visit the Long Neck Hill tribe who immigrated from Khaya State from Myanmar.
- You will visit Angkhang  Mountain with the King's Royal Project.
- You will visit "Lahu" hill tribe village on the border between Thailand and Myanmar.
- You will visit Chiang Dao Cave in Chiang Dao area with the beautiful stalagmite and stalagtite.
- You will visit Pai , a small lovely town in the mountains.
- You will visit Nam Hoo Temple to see the Buddha image with the water inside the Buddha image head.
- You will visit Santichol, small Chinese community in Pai area.
- You will visit  and explore Lod cave with the 3 different chambers inside the cave.
- You will visit Mae Yen Temple for the beautiful sunset.
- You will visit Pong Dued Pa Pae Natural Geysey and enjoy swimming in the warm outdoor swimming pool.
- You will visit Mark Fah Waterfall before you returning back to Chiang Mai.
- You could viist the Tiger Kingdom and play with the Tigers if you prefer to.**

 **Remark** If you wish to play with the tigers you can pay the entrance fee tickets by yourself. Due to the prices are varies depending on the sizes of the tigers. The guide and the driver're going to wait for you. **

Weather  tips!

November - February.
                   During the winter in Thailand, the temperature is between 5 - 12 degrees Celsius / 41 - 54 degrees Fahrenheit. You should come prepared with appropriate clothing. This is the best time for traveling in Thailand, due to the nice and cool weather. The landscape is covered with blooming flowers and lush vegetation which makes the bio diversity of birds and wildlife plentiful.

March - May.
                  This is summer time, the temperature is between 28 - 33 degree Celsius / 82 - 91 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest time of the year is April, when temperatures can reach as high as 43 degree Celsius / 109 degrees Fahrenheit. Bring something light and thin to wear. Hat , sun glasses and sunscreen is recommended.

June - October.
                  This is the rainy season, the temperature is between 18 - 25 degree Celsius / 64 -77 degrees Fahrenheit. An umbrella or rain coat are recommended. Flip flops or thongs are the best shoes to wear during these months.

Why should you select Chiang Mai Tour Center as your service provider?
1. Our staff works with responsibility from their hearts. They are punctual, sincere, friendly and fun.
2. We have been serving tourists for the past twenty years with utmost dedication.
3. We treat you as our family member with love and care.
4. We have child friendly staff members working in our company.
5. Our pricing is reasonable and provides good value for your cost.
6. We are spontaneous and flexible in our programming.
7. We are promt in attending to the needs of our clients.


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