2 Days 1 night Doi Inthanont Highest Peak + Soft trek to waterfall + Elephant riding + Bamboo rafting.

2 Days 1 night Doi Inthanont Highest Peak + Soft trek to waterfall + Elephant riding + Bamboo rafting.

2 Days 1 night Doi Inthanont Highest Peak + Soft trek to waterfall + Elephant riding + Bamboo rafting.

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2 Days 1 Night Doi Inthanont Highest Peak + Soft trek to waterfall + Elephant riding + Bamboo rafting.

Highlgihts of the trip.

This program is the combination of the beautiful nature in the highest peak of Thailand called " Doi Inthanont "with 2,565 meters above the sea level as well as the walking trail where you could enjoy the closer to the nature to the hidden waterfall in the forest. You could enjoy the step rice filed and the coffee plantation which belong to the tribes people. Spending the night in the village for you to be closer to the nature and hide away from the hectic city. Fresh morning in the mountain area and visit to the Royal project before meet the elephant and enjoy with the bamboo rafting and get back to Chiang Mai city.  


Day 1  Doi Inthanont Highest Peak of Thailand + Soft trek to Waterfall + Coffee plantation + Homestay.

           Pick up and check out from the hotel in Chiang Mai City to Doi Inthanont National Park. The first stop will be made at Wachirathan Waterfall, the most beautiful waterfall in the national park area. See the waterfall with 750 meters high with the cool breeze and the spray from the waterfall refreshing your face. Then heading up to the highest peak of Doi Inthanont National Park. See the highest peak of Thailand with 2,565 meters above the sea level. See the stupa of King Inthawichayanont, the father of the lady consort of King Rama 5th of Thailand who stay alone up the highest peak just because loving the cold weather. Walk around the stupa with the beautiful ever green forest .
           Then explore Ang-ka, the nature trail walk. You might have a chance to see some birds After that visit the twin pagodas for the King and the Queen of Thailand when they are 60 years old. See the beautiful garden around the pagodas area with the panoramis view of the mountain which is cover 3 districts ( Jomthong - Sanpathong and Mae Jam). Enjoy fresh cool breeze against your face and enjoy taking photos. Visit Hmong Hilltribe market who once immigrated from China and cultivated the opium field. The King of Thailand changed their mind and suggested them to grow the winter crops instead as well as the target market for them to sell their product. Lunch in the local restaurant.
           After lunch continue down hill soft trekking to see Pha Dork Siew Waterfall which takes 2 hours up to 3 hours, depending on the people. On the walk way, see the beautiful of evergreen forest, learning some herbs which the hill tribe using as the remedy. See parts of the step rice fields for irrigation and the Arabica coffee farm of the Pa Ka Yor Hill tribe as well as part of the King Royal project to develop the life of the hill tribe to be better. After the arrival in the hill tribe village, Enjoy a cup of Arabica fresh coffee and walking around the village. Dinner and spend overnight in the hill tribe village with the lovely view of the dark sky with stars.
Overnight at Doi Inthanont : Homestay at Baan Mae Klang Lung.
Meal         : -- / Lunch / Dinner.

Day 2  King Royal Project + Panoramic View + Elephant ride + Bamboo rafting.

            After breakfast and enjoy the fresh air with the lovely scenery of the mountain and rice fields. it's the time to visit the King Royal Project which the King had started for the hill tribes people and intended to change the hill tribes lives from opium cultivation to be the winter crops as well as looking for the market for them to sell.
           Inside the Royal project, you will have a chance to see the winter crops cultivation such as chrysanthemums, Roses  and other kinds of flowers, winter fruits and fresh vegetables. After the Royal project, we will skip the main road we'd used on the first day, continue the small road through the mountain area behind the Royal Project. While going along side of the small road, you are going to pass the small villages of the hill tribes people and lovely scenery. This small road continue to the Elephant camp where you can enjoy 1 hour elephant riding up and down the hill. Then having lunch in the local restaurant, fill your energy first before boarding on the bamboo rafting for an hour. Enjoy fresh and cool river current and  then continue back to Chiang Mai.
Overnight : ----------
Meal         : Breakfast / Lunch / --

____________________________________End of Service__________________________________

The price                  : 8,800 THB/person  (Private tour only. Minimum 2 persons.)

Pick up time             : 8.30 am. At your hotel lobby.

Time duration          : 2 Days 1 night.

Type of the trip        :  Private tour only. Minimum 2 persons.

Arrange to service by  : Chiang Mai Tour Center only.

Tour Include
- Private transportation. (Toyota Commuter Van or similar with a/c  )
- An English speaking guide.
- All entrance fees as mentioned in the program.
- Drinking water and refreshing towel in the van.
- Accommodation for 1 night and meals as mentioned in the program.
- 1 Breakfast
- 2 Lunch
- 1 Dinner
Accident Insurance.

Tour not include
- Your own expenses during the trip.
- Tipping.
- Airline ticket.

What should you bring on this trip?
1. Small back pack.
2. Passport copy.
3. Personal medication.
4. Toilet paper.
5. long pants, shorts.
5. T- shirt, long sleeves shirt.
6. Walking shoes
7. Sandal
8. Socks
9. Swimming suit or swimming trunk.
11.Insect spray
12.Sun cream
13.A camera

What will you get from this  trip?
1. You will visit the highest peak of Thailand with 2,565 meters above the sea level.
2. You will walk in the evergreen forest with the nice lovely weather in Ang Ka Trail.
3. You will visit the twin pogadas for the King and the Queen of Thailand with the nice panoranic view of the graden and the mountain view.
4. You will visit Hmong Hill tribe market, the tribe who work with the King's Royal project.
5. You will enjoy the soft trekking 2-3 hours depending on the person.
6. You will see a beautiful nature of the green forest along the walk way to the waterfall.
7. You will see Pha Dork Siew waterfall, one of the beautiful waterfall in the national park area.
8. You will see part of the rice fields and the Arabica coffee farm.
9. You will have a chance to try Arabica fresh coffee in the hill tribe village.
10. You will spend overnight in the hilltribe village with the fresh air among the nature.
11. You will visit the King's Royal Project where there're many winter crops and vegitation.
12. You will see the beautiful scenery along the small rural road on the way to the elephant camp. ( We're not going on the main street, we're going on the dirt road)
13. You will enjoy 1 hr. elephant riding.
14. You will enjoy 1 hr. bamboo rafting.

Weather  tips!

November - February.
                   During the winter in Thailand, the temperature is between 5 - 12 degrees Celsius / 41 - 54 degrees Fahrenheit. You should come prepared with appropriate clothing. This is the best time for traveling in Thailand, due to the nice and cool weather. The landscape is covered with blooming flowers and lush vegetation which makes the bio diversity of birds and wildlife plentiful.

March - May.
                  This is summer time, the temperature is between 28 - 33 degree Celsius / 82 - 91 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest time of the year is April, when temperatures can reach as high as 43 degree Celsius / 109 degrees Fahrenheit. Bring something light and thin to wear. Hat, sun glasses and sunscreen is recommended.

June - October.
                  This is the rainy season, the temperature is between 18 - 25 degree Celsius / 64 -77 degrees Fahrenheit. An umbrella or rain coat are recommended. Flip flops or thongs are the best shoes to wear during these months.

Why should you select Chiang Mai Tour Center as your service provider?
1. Our staff works with responsibility from their hearts. They are punctual, sincere, friendly and fun.
2. We have been serving tourists for the past twenty years with utmost dedication.
3. We treat you as our family member with love and care.
4. We have child friendly staff members working in our company.
5. Our pricing is reasonable and provides good value for your cost.
6. We are spontaneous and flexible in our programming.
7. We are promt in attending to the needs of our clients.

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