Private Half day Doi Suthep Temple + City Temples. Chiang Mai Tours

Private Half day Doi Suthep Temple + City Temples. Chiang Mai Tours

Private Half day Doi Suthep Temple + City Temples. Chiang Mai Tours

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Private Half Day Doi Suthep Temple + City Temples. Chiang Mai Tours

Highlights of the trip.

                   Stunning golden pagoda in Lanna design up the mountain. Land of temples where you can see hundreds temples in the city area. Enjoy with the local architect on the temple buildings and taking photo challenging.

Photo Corner.
                   Doi Suthep & City temples 1    

                   Pick up from the hotel to the Doi Suthep - Pui National Park to the mountain with curvy road to see Doi Suthep Temple, the most important temple in Chiang Mai. Exercising time by walking up 306 steps to the temples or taking the funicular to the temple with the attitude at 1,100 ms above the sea level.
                   See the Northern Thai dented corner golden pagoda which contain the relic of the Lord Buddha. Surrounding with the mural painting hall which telling about the Lord Buddha story. Here you can also get a chance to get a holy blessing and wrist tiding ceremony from the Buddhist monk. From the balcony, enjoy with the panorama view of Chiang Mai City. Birds fly up in the sky and cool breath against your face.
                   Come back to the city to see Suan Dork Royal Temple where the northern royal family tombs are located and the standing Buddha Image, the only one in holding the blessing stick position in Chiang Mai. Visit Wat Chedi Luang or The Grand Pagoda Temple where you can see the biggest pagoda in Chiang Mai which broke down by the earthquake in 1454, but still can see the giantic pagoda stands gracefully in the middle of the temple ground. Before the returning back to the hotel see Wat Chiang Maan, the first temple as the royal resident of King Mengrai of Mengrai dynasty. See 2 precious Buddha images "Phra Satangkamanee " and "Phra Buddha Sila" which are important for Chiang Mai people.

_________________________________End of Service________________________________________

The price            : 1,500 THB/person (Private tour only. Minimum 2 persons.)

Pick up time       : At your hotel lobby.

Tour  duration    : Daily  Morning  time       08:30 am  -  01:00 pm.

                                        Afternoon  time     01:00 pm  -  05:00 pm.

Type of the trip   : Private tour only. Minimum 2 Persons.

Service provided by  : Chiang Mai Tour Center only.

Tour includes.
- All entrance fee as mentioned in the program.
- Transportation. (Toyota van commuter with a/c or similar )
- Drinking water.
- Refreshing towels.
- English speaking guide.
- Accident Insurance.

Tour does not include.
- Soft drinks and Alcohol drinks.
- Tipping during the tip.
- Your own expenses during the tip.
- Optional tour. 

What should you bring on this trip?
- A Camera.
- Sun glasses.
- Sun lotion.
- A cap or a hat.

What should you wear on this trip?
- Dress politely is needed.
- Top with sleeves or shirt. No tank top or spaghetti straps.
- Long pants or skirt below the knees.
- Socks or bare feet is allowed
- A cap or a hat off in the main hall.

What will you get from this program?
1. You will see the must and the most beautiful Temple in Chiang Mai Called "Do Suthep".
2. You will see the dented corner pagoda in Northern Thai style and nice view over Chiang Mai city.
3. You will visit Suan Dork Temple, one of the Royal Temples in Chiang Mai.
4. You will see one of the Buddha Image called " Kao Tue Buddha " which judge by the local as one of the beautiful Buddha image in Chiang Mai.
5. You will see the Northern Royal Family stupa and one of them is the stupa of the Lady of King Rama 5th of Thailand. She was the person who started the school for girls in Chiang Mai.
6. You will visit "Chedi Luang Temple" with the biggest pagoda in Chiang Mai city which broke down in 1454 AD. However stand graceful to the present.
7. You will see the beautiful standing Buddha image with 9 meters tall in the main hall of "Chedi Luang Temple"  and the beautiful elaborate of Thai art design on the pillars.
8. You will visit the first royal resident of the former of Chiang Mai " King Mengrai " from late 1200 AD. which became the monastry with 2 important Buddha images in Chiang Mai.

Weather  tips!

November - February.
                   During the winter in Thailand, the temperature is between 5 - 12 degrees Celsius / 41 - 54 degrees Fahrenheit. You should come prepared with appropriate clothing. This is the best time for traveling in Thailand, due to the nice and cool weather. The landscape is covered with blooming flowers and lush vegetation which makes the bio diversity of birds and wildlife plentiful.

March - May.
                  This is summer time, the temperature is between 28 - 33 degree Celsius / 82 - 91 degrees Fahrenheit. The hottest time of the year is April, when temperatures can reach as high as 43 degree Celsius / 109 degrees Fahrenheit. Bring something light and thin to wear. Hat , sun glasses and sunscreen is recommended.

June - October.
                  This is the rainy season, the temperature is between 18 - 25 degree Celsius / 64 -77 degrees Fahrenheit. An umbrella or rain coat are recommended. Flip flops or thongs are the best shoes to wear during these months.

Why should you select Chiang Mai Tour Center as your service provider?
1. Our staff works with responsibility from their hearts. They are punctual, sincere, friendly and fun.
2. We have been serving tourists for the past twenty years with utmost dedication.
3. We treat you as our family member with love and care.
4. We have child friendly staff members working in our company.
5. Our pricing is reasonable and provides good value for your cost.
6. We are spontaneous and flexible in our programming.
7. We are promt in attending to the needs of our clients.

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