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7 Days Chiang Mai - Pai Chiang Mai Tour Center

7 Days Chiang Mai - Pai

7 Days Chiang Mai - Pai

7 Days Chiang Mai - Pai

Tour Code: P007


7 Days Chiang Mai + Pai Highlight.

Highlight of the trip.

               See some important temples in the old city wall + Enjoy the night safari + Take care your elephant and learning to be the elephant keeper + Visit the highest peak of Thailand, Doi Inthanot National Park + Pay homage to Doi Suthep temple , the most sacred temple in Chiang Mai + Visit the King's winter palace + Enjoy the elephant demonstration - Pai and Mae Hogsorn Area.


Day 1  City temples + Night Safari.

                Depart from the hotel, travel around the old city wall to see part of the wall which used to protect us from the enemy. Visit some important temples from 300 temples around Chiang Mai. Wat Chiang Man where once used to be the resident of the king and also has precious Buddha images there. Phra Singha Temple or Wat Phra Singha is one of the Royal Temple in Chiang Mai dated back to 13 century. Enjoy with beautiful mural painting or the wall of Lai kham Chapel that telling about the ancient northern life style and also a school for boys and novices. Chedi Luang temple the grand pagoda temple is located in the city of Chiang Mai where the first city pillar was set and started to build the city. See the pagoda which broke down by the earthquake in 1454, but still remained the beautiful architect building for us to see.
               In the evening depart the hotel at 7 p.m to the night safari. See the wild life of the animals from Savanna Safari, some predator prowl and more. Enjoy with light and sound beautiful dancing fountain before returning back to the hotel.
Overnight at Chiang Mai : Imperial Mae Ping.
Meal :  Lunch

Day 2  One Day Elephant Owner.                                                                                                                            

“ Everyone deserve to be love no matter human or animals  This is always true and world will be at peace. Here is your great opportunity to get in touch with one of biggest friend on earth. Elephant, the biggest land animal on earth, calm and gentle. With this program you will have a great opportunity to get close to them and be part of their family.  Here's your great opportunity  to be friend  with the the lovely biggest animal on land. With the great experience  ever! Un unforgettable experience  you can have. Being with your elephant for a day is a greatest experience you wouldn't forget. Relationship that you've never  had  in your life time. Big ,but gentle!  Create your own friendship with an elephant . Take care of them as they're yor friend. Health check for good physical as well as checking their mental. They will be happy and live longer as the human when people enjoy life and happy. Try your own experience  and witness yourself.  Tell everyone, you have a big and gentle friend. 
               Pick up will be made early in the morning then continue the drive up to the mountainous area south side of Chiang Mai. It takes 45 minutes on the windy road to meet our new friends at Patara Elephant Farm, the best elephant farm in Chanag Mai. After the arrival , you will meet the instructors who will introduce you to your new friend. A day activity start with greeting and feeding your elephant before learning the technic how to communicate with the elephant.
                Enjoy elephant bathing in the stream to refresh their bodies and health care for the elephants and have a ride bare back into the forest area. Picnic lunch near the waterfall in the nice surrounding of the forest  after that ride your elephant back to the farm. You may have a chance to look after the mommy and her baby in the same time. A whole day long to be with an elephant is a very good experience you have ever met. You may never know how clever and how gentle they are. Don’t miss your opportunity to be with them. Join us to experience yourselves. 
                *** Don’t miss this program activity because it you’ll be an unforgettable memory for you.***
Overnight at Chiang Mai : Imperial Mae Ping.
Meal  : Breakfast / Lunch

Day 3  Doi Inthanont National Park the highest peak of Thailand.     

                 Depart from the hotel in the morning, heading southward of Chang Mai along high way no.108 to Doi Inthanont National Park , the highest peak of Thailand with 2,565 meters above the sea leval. Along the mountainous road up see the beautiful scenic view and lush green nature forest area. Around 44 kilometers up the top. You can see the highest peak of Thailand with the stupa of King Inthawitchayanon, the last King of Lanna Kingdom before we became Siam and Thailand later on. The King Once had a chance to visit this mountain which name “ Doi AngKa” ( The mountain of the crows’ pound) and liked the place so much for him to ask his daughther , Chao Dararassamee who became the lady consort of King Rama 5th of Thailand at that time. He wished his ashes to be placed up at the peak of the mountain soon after he passed away the name of the mountain had changed to be “ Doi Inthanont” since then.
               At the peak, stand the stupa of the king among the cool climate in summer and cold in winter. In this place not only the beautiful forest area , you can also see some beautiful birds as well. Near by the stupa , there is a radar control station of Thai Lada Airfoce to keep control the border line between Thailand and Myanmar. After visit the stupa of King Inthawichayanont , enjoy 30 minutes walk in the Angka nature trail. See the lush green forest area and feel fresh with the cool breath against your face. Then continue to the Twin Pagodas for King Bhumiphol and Queen Sirikit of Thailand as the 60th years birthday anniversary which built by Thai Lada Air Force and locals. Inside the pagodas , see the beautiful art which telling about the Lords Buddha.
               See a nice view and the small town below and the mountain valley which is surrounding us. This is a good chance to take pictures if you wish. After the Twin Pagodas of the King and the Queen of Thailand, continue to Hmong Hilltribe Market. See Hmong people who immigrated from southern part of China into Thailand over 100 years ago. They used to cultivate the opium until the King of Thailand spent his personal money to start the King Royal Project and change their lives to grow other winter crops and stop the cultivating of the opium. The fresh products as you’ve seen in the supermarket come from this place.  Lunch en route and continue to “Pa ka Yor” or “Red Karen” who immigrate from Myanmar. See the way of life and their beautiful weaving products before visiting the most beautiful waterfall called “Wachiratharn” with a powerful stream and return back to Chiang Mai.
Overnight at Chiang Mai :  Imperial Mae Ping.
Meal  : Breakfast / Lunch

Day 4  Doi Suthep Temple - The Bhuping Winter Palace - Handicraft Village.

              Depart from the hotel to Doi Suthep. Visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthep which is the symbol of Chiang Mai. The temple's built in 1383. See the golden pagoda in Northern Thai Style and the nice panoramic view of Chiang Mai city from the balcony. The temple can be reach by the Naga stairway with 306 steps or by the funicular. After that visit The king’s Winter Palace “ Pra Tumnak Bhuping “ where the king used to spend his winter with his family . Lunch and continue to the handicraft factory where you can see Silk weaving, Silver Making , Saa paper and Umbrella Making ,Cotton weaving , Lacquer ware , Siladon , Wood carving and Gems stone. Then return to the hotel.
              At 7.00 pm. in the evening, leave the hotel to the nice and beautiful night for Khantoke Dinner, the dinner in Northern Thai Style. Enjoy Dinner with the beautiful demonstration of the Thai dancing and the Northern Thai music.
Overnight at Chiang Mai : Imperial Mae Ping.
Meal  :Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Day 5  Mae Sa Elephant Elephant Camp - Pai , Mae Hongsorn .

              Depart from the hotel and drive to the north side of Chiang Mai. Take the road number 107 about 40 minutes to Mae Rim District, where there are many tourist attractions line up along the road. Further up to the mountainous area to Mae Sa Elephant camp, the most famous elephant camp in Chiang Mai. Here visitors can enjoy with the talented elephants. Start their morning with bathing in the stream to refresh their body and mind while the mahout ( the elephant boy ) can also check and see how healthy they are. Finish their bathing is the show time which the visitors can see many difference skill of the elephants such as elephant live music band , playing the football , basketball or even darting and of course the most incredible painting skill by elephants which can amaze you. After seeing many incredible skills , you can also see the elephant at work which the northern Thai people used them to pull the logs through the forest area in the past. Have lunch then visit the orchid and butterfly farm. After that continue to Pai,the small town in Mae Hong Sorn province. Overnight in Pai.
              ***Tiger Kingdom, The Snake farm, Monkey School, Crocodile Farm are not include in the program. They are  the optionals. You can pay for the entrance fee by yourself  but we can  transfer and wait for you.
Overnight at Pai : The Quarter Hotel
Meal  : Breakfast, Lunch

Day 6  Pai ( Chinese community at " Baan Santichon" -Nam Hoo Temple -Lod Cave )
             After wake up in the morning and having breakfast ,visit the Chinese community “ Baan Santichon”, Nam Hoo temple. Lunch and continue to Lod Cave (Tham Lod), take a bamboo rafting inside the cave. Enjoy with the stalagmite and stalagtite 400 meters deep with a wide stream running through it. Inside the cave, there’re 3 chambers : Tham sao hin (Stone Column Cave), Tham Tuk Ta (Doll Cave) and Tham Phi Man. Back to the hotel in  Pai and overnight.
Overnight at Pai : The Quarter Hotel
Meal  : Breakfast / Lunch

Day 7  Pai - Chiang Mai.

              Morning breakfast in the hotel and check out , continue to Pong Dued Paa Pae in Huay Nam Dang National Park where you can see the hot  boiling water called “Geyser”, the hot spring that intermittently shooting up fountain of water stream into the air. Here’s an opportunity to be in the outdoor mineral pond, that can cure and relief the illness such as joints pain and also refresh and relax, Lunch on road in the local restaurant.
              After that drive through Mork Fah Waterfall one of the waterfall that falls 60 meters and flows year round. Have a walk trough the shady, forest trail to the falls and see the fog floating around the setting given its name overnight at Chiang mai.
Overnight at Chiang Mai :  -
Meal  : Breakfast / Lunch             

______________________________________End of Service__________________________________________

The price                 : 21,800 THB/person  (Private tour only. Minimum 2 persons.)

Pick up time            : 8.30 am. at hotel lobby.

Time duration          : 7 Days 6 nights

Type of the trip        :  Private tour only. Minimum 2 persons.

Arrange to service by  : Chiang Mai Tour Center only.

Tour Include
• Transportation.
• English speaking Guide.
• All entrance fees as mentioned in the program.
• Drinking water and refreshing towel in the van.
• Lunch and Dinner as mentioned in the program.

Tour Not Include
• Other expenses during the trip.
• All tickets for Tiger Kingdom, Monkey center, Snake farm and Crocodile farm or others.
• Tipping.
• Airline ticket and the accommodation.

What should you bring on this trip?
- A camera
- A hat or a cap
- Your own medication

What should you wear on the trip?
- T- Shirt and  shorts on the day to the elephant farm and soft trek. ( If you prefer pants, it's ok.)
- sandal or flip-flops for the easy program.
- Walking shoes or trainers for the trekking.
- Appropriate dress for the temple. Pants or skirts below the knees. No tank top or spaghetti straps.

What will you get from this tour?
1.You will see Chiang Mai Old city wall and visit Chiang Man Temple, Phra Singha Temple and Chedi Luang Temple.
2.You will Chiang Mai Night Safari and see the dancing fountain with light and sound.
3.You will visit and have interactive and learn how to look after the elephant  at the best elephant farm in Chiang Mai.
4.You will swim with your elephant in the waterfall.
5.You will visit Doi Inthanont National Park to see thehighest peak of Thailand.
6.You will visit the twin pagodas of The King and The Queen of Thailand.
7.You will see Hmong Hill tribeMarket who work for the King's Royal Project.
8.You will see Wachiratharn Waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfall in the national park area.
9.You will visit Doi Suthep Temple, the most important temple in Chiang Mai.
10.You will visit Phu Ping Winter Palace of the King and the Queen of Thailand with beautiful garden.
11.You will visit  the handicraft village where the local produce the best and high quality product for souvenir and export.
12.You will Mae Saa Elephant camp with the elephant demonstration in many different skill as well as the famous painting.
13. You will visit Pai. small town in Mae Hongsorn with the lovely atmosphere.
14. You will visit Santichol Chienese community, see Nam Hoo Temple and Lod cave.
15. You will visit Pong Deud Pa Pae Geyser and have a chance to enjoy the outdoor swimming pool.
16. You will visit Mark Fah Waterfall before heading back to Chiang Mai.

The reasons why you should select Chiang Mai Tour Center as your service.
1. Our staffs are fun and smile with opened heart.
2. Free exercise while you walk and admire the nature in the forest. ( During the trip.)
3. Relax from hard work and chaotic busy city life
4. The suggestions that you could trust.
5. Trust worthy suggestion for your pleasant trip. 
6. Nice, friendly and quality staffs.
7. Caring you as you are one of our family member.
8. Child friendly.

** If you want the best service please contact us

Booking: Feeding deer  in Chiang Mai Night Safari.

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