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3 Days 2 Nights Chiangmai - Karen lodge - Pai Chiang Mai Tour Center

3 Days 2 Nights Chiangmai - Karen lodge - Pai

3 Days 2 Nights Chiangmai - Karen lodge - Pai

3 Days 2 Nights Chiangmai - Karen lodge - Pai

Tour Code: P002


3 Days 2 Nights Chiangmai - Karen lodge - Pai

Highlight of the trip
Enjoy the elephant training program and take care your elephant - Overnight in the big hug of the mountain at Karan village lodge - Visit Lod Cave and explore the cave by taking the small bamboo raft with the lamp person - Romantic moment seeing sun set overlook Pai town at Mae Yen Temple - Visit the Chinese community and Nam Hoo temple which there's water inside the Buddha image"s  head - Enjoy walking into the forest to see the natural geysey  and lovely Mork Fah waterfall.


Day 1  Elephant training - Wat Chan - Karen lodge

           Pick up from the hotel at 8.30 am. Depart from Chiang Mai  city, continue to  "Thai Elephant Home" ,elephant mahout training camp for a special program. When you arrive you will get  a changing clothes and get ready for being a mahout to take care and look after your elephant. The instructor will give you a brief information abut the elephant behavior and the facts about them. After that you will  learn the technique to climb up and get down from the elephant as well as the  the basic command that will use when you are on the elephant riding .

Song = to lift you up to get to the top of the elephant.
Look  = to stand up
Norn  = to lay down
Toy   = to go backwards
Pai    = to go or to walk straight.
How  = to stop
With these command along with the feet control behind the elephants' ears . You can take them for a walk now!

Feeding the food is one part of the elephant training process due to they eat 10 % for their weight as well as making friend with  them. Soon you will climb on them and have a ride to the river for elephant bathing and enjoy swimming with your elephant.  Thai ’ll be an unforgettable experience of the adventure  lover ones .  After finish from the elephant training process continue to Wat Chan area ,  visit Karen lodge with the beautiful scenery surrounded by the  green forest. Enjoy taking a  local truck drives  for 16 kilometers up to the  area of   Karen hill tribe. The accommodation where surrounding with the nature and mountain with Karen hill tribe families . Learn more about their culture and their daily life . Overnight at Karen lodge , a big hug of  the mountain and under the glittering stars up in the sky .  The unforgettable and  unseen  memory in Northern, Thailand.
Overnight at  : Karen lodge
Meal    : Lunch , Dinner

Day 2   Lod Cave - Mae Yen temple - Pai

            After wake up in the big hug of mountain. After having  breakfast in the lodge. Enjoy short trek from village to the waterfall which take about a hour walk . Then return to the lodge.  Having lunch and continue to Pai. After the arrival in Pai , have a walk to Lod Cave (Tham Lod),   by taking the bamboo rafting inside the cave. Enjoy with the stalagmite and stalagtite 400 metres deep inside  with a wide stream running through it. Inside the cave, there’re 3 chambers : Tham sao hin (Stone Column Cave), Tham Tuk Ta (Doll Cave) and Tham Phi Man ( the coffin cave ).Then return  back to Pai , visit Mae Yen Temple for the beautiful sun set and the nice view of Pai's town and overnight at The Quarter hotel.
Overnight at  :The Quarter hotel
Meal    :Breakfast , lunch

Day3    Nam Hoo temple - Chinese community - Geyser - Mork Fah Waterfall.

            Morning breakfast in the hotel, continue to  Nam Hoo Temple, see  a Buddha  Image which there's always the water inside the Buddha's head . After that visit " Santichol  Chinese Community"  then heading to  Pong Dued Paa Pae in Huay Nam Dang National Park which is called “Geyser”, the hot spring that intermittently shooting up fountain of water stream into the air.Here’s an opportunity to be in the outdoor mineral pond (Bor Nam Ron ), whit  can cure and relief the illness such as joints pain and also refresh and relax your muscles . Lunch in the local restaurant on the way . After that drive through  Mork Fah Waterfall one of the waterfall that falls 60 ms  and flows year round. Have a walk trough the shady, forest trail to the falls and see the fog floating around the setting given its name.  Then continue the trip back  to Chiang Mai.
Meal    :Breakfast , lunch

                                                               End of Service

The price            : 17,800 THB/person (Private tour only. Minimum 2 persons.)

Pick up time       :  8:30 am from the hotel lobby

Time duration for the trip :  3 days 2 nights trip

Type of the tour : Private tour only. Minimum 2 persons.

Tour include :
- Transportation  
- English speaking guide
- Muang Kued for 1 hour Mae tang White water rafting.
- Wat Chan  and  Karen Lodge.
- Accommodation in Karen Lodge
- Short trek to the waterfall near by Karen Lodge.
- Lod cave
- Bamboo rafting trough Lod cave.
- Accommodation in Pai
- Pong Dued Pa Pae in Huay Nam Dang National Park
- Mork Fah Waterfall.
- 2 Breakfast meals
- 3 Lunch meals
- 1 Dinner in Karen Lodge
- Accident Insurance

The tour not include
- Airline ticket
- Hotel accommodation in Chiang Mai
- Your own expenses during the trip
- Tipping during the tip

What should you bring on the trip?
- A camera
- A cap or a hat
- Insect spray
- Your personal medication
- Some jacket or long sleeves for the night in Karen Lodge, in case the night time.
- Walking shoes or trainers for the trek.
- Swimming suit  or swimming trunk for the out door bathing at Pong Deud Pa Pae and Mork Fah Waterfall.

What will you get from this tour?
1. You will visit  Muang Kued  and enjoy the white water rafting
2. You will visit Karen Village  in Wat Chan Area and spend the night in Karen lodge in a big hug of the mountaing.
3. You will take an hour trek to the waterfall near by Karen lodge.
4. You will see beautiful nature of the gree forest during your stay in Karen Lodge.
5. You will visit Pai the small town .
6.You will see Lod cave with 3 chambers : Pillars cave , Doll cave and coffin cave.
7. You will see the stalagmite and the stalagtite in the cave.
8. You will visit Pong Dued Pa Pae Geysey and swim in the outdoor swimming pool.
9. You will visit Mork Fah Waterfall , one of the beautiful waterfall on the way back to Chiang Mai.

 The reasons why you should select Chiang  Mai Tour Center as your service :-
1.       Our staffs are fun and smile with opened heart.
2.       Free exercise while you walk and admire  the nature in the forest. ( during the trip)
3.       Relax from hard work and chaotic busy city life
4.       The suggestions that you could trust.
5.       Trust worthy suggestion for  your pleasant trip. 
6.       Nice , friendly and quality staffs.
7.       Caring you as you are one of our family member.
8.       Child friendly.

Booking: Welcome to my world! At Mork Fah waterfall.

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